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Halloween , a contraction of "All Hallows' Eve" ( Eve of All Saints ) is a holiday celebrated on October 31 in some places like the United States , Ireland , Mexico and Colombia , among others. Leaving aside its origin and tradition ( or the controversy over where it should be held or not ), is a well known celebration due to costume parties, usually near themes of terror, fear and horror. Scary Halloween Costume Ideas, Make ups for Adult and Kids by -

Scary, Creepy, Funny and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults:

1.McDonalds Zombie :

Miss GodZilla made ​​this original costume zombie girl McDonalds in Kelvingrove Park ( Scotland ), attending the Glasgow Zombie Walk 2010. Burger-brain included in the menu!

2.Captured by a Dinosaur :

If you have the misfortune of being captured by a dinosaur that had not yet been extinguished definitely deserve to be on this list.

3.House UFO crash :

Okay, this is not a costume itself, but has to be earned on the list. It is a decorated Halloween in the garden of a house. Crashed UFO with alien and all.

4.Selfie Wilson : 

If you've seen Cast Away , the movie in which Tom Hanks appeared, you will recognize Wilson, the friendly mate good Chuck torture. Here he is, making a "photo Tuenti."

5.The son of Angelina Jolie :

In this guise, we see the son of Angelina Jolie , in good hands, ready to go first to a Halloween party.Well yeah! It is the time for the Scary adult costumes.

6.Mutant 11-lamp :

Josh Sundquist is a known participant in the Paralympics, speaker and author of a bestseller. On this occasion, a brutal Halloween costume is marked using a lamp shaped like a woman's leg.

7.Squirrel :

Perhaps you will be very funny to dress up as a terrifying giant squirrel, but it sure your dog does not do no damn funny.

8.Birth pumpkin :

In hospitals also have Halloween spirit, and a certain Doctor Jimenez demonstrated with this pumpkin birth in the 31 October.

9.Rachael / Ray :

Amazing costume-double ( one only ), where the author can take the female role of Rachael , much as the male role of Ray

10.Diablo 3 :

Well, okay. It's cheating. This is not just any costume, but a cosplay . But it would be nice to go to a party on Halloween with a costume of Diablo ?

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Scary and Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Boys/Girls :

When it comes to the Kids adult Halloween costumes, there is no limit for costumes for this season. You can be anyone or anything you want to be when it comes to the adult or Kids costumes in the season in Halloween. You can be anything like, your dream boy/girl, your dream being, your favorite hero, our little devilish, whatever! You can be anything being an adult. With the adult costumes, your dreams will come true. That is the point with the adult costumes.

The range of price is always a point to consider when you consider adult costumes for Halloween, you can select anyone, because these kind of costumes can be found in all prices from cheap to cost. Some costumes seem so high that you can make a Hollywood movie with it and some seem very cheap. Or else, you can make your own costumes for it by making a hole for your costumes and call it good, but the final decision is up to you.

1.Soldier Helmet :

This fun style robot trooper cap is not difficult to do. Just you require two plastic milk containers, scissors, paste and high contrast paint. 

You cut the jugs as indicated in Figure 2, then, You utilize the some piece of the mouth to the front of the body and the lowest part of an alternate pot to the top. Some round about bits of plastic chop down from the top of one of the containers by the mouth and ear tallness. At last, you pegáis a plastic strip on the once again of the head protector to declare glue on the head. You paint after the configuration you see in the pictures and go! Fighter will have a head protector made ​​of plastic milk containers recycled.

2.Monster Eyes :

The next time you buy some eggs, do not waste your cardboard.Can you recycle and create these fun masks three eyes! How? Very easy, you cut the cardboard half a dozen eggs in two, you dais some form so that each eye sees roughly circular, you paint the mask white and above, you draw eyes.Do not forget the red veins to be scary! So that kids can wear these masks monster, you should just stick a stick as pictured or make two small holes and pass them ribbons or elastic.

3.Costume Buzz Toy Story :

In previous posts we have seen how to make a cowboy costume for the kids sit Buddy, what do you think create gloves Buzz? White gloves, a few pieces of colorful fabric and cutting and sewing! To your kids will love the Buzz costume!

4.Raccoon Costume :

The children have a pipe masquerading animals. With black tape, a black mask, a gray sock, gray cardboard, stuffing and black ribbon you can make this homemade costume. Follow the instructions step by step images and see how simple it is to do.We will be very cool!

5.Spooky Halloween hairstyle for girls : 

How beautiful this looks small! I loved this costume. Pin your daughter with pigtails (or more as you like it) and the hair small plastic decorations: spiders, skulls, scorpions, bats ...

8 Unique and Scary Halloween Costumes ( Human and Animals ) : 

But you must keep one thing in mind that you don’t need to buy expensive Halloween costumes to make look rich, instead you can buy less expensive clothes. In the similar way, a cheaper costume won’t suit you either. Then what?! The best choice is to choose one that makes you comfortable instead of who is starring at you.

You just have to imagine a couple and dress like them so that you can think that you will get the same attraction as the popular celebrities get and that gives you immense pleasure. The biggest benefit is that there won’t be question of encountering some silly questions like “Whom are you supposed to be?

You don’t need to limit yourself when you’re thinking about costumes for couples. Because there are many other funny concepts that allow you to be more funny and thus to enjoy the event of Halloween with better costumes that always suits you doesn’t matter what! Scary Halloween Costume Ideas for Adult and Kids - Buy Online!

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