**TOP** 10 Cool Easy Halloween Pumpkin Design Carving Ideas

Carve a pumpkin thought was much more messy and difficult, but no.You can do fancy stuff without filling all the house of pipes. I share a quick guide on how to properly empty and carve, several simple and nice templates, and some terrifying models that can inspire you. Before getting into the pumpkin carving Ideas and design let me explain you how should you carve a pumpkin properly for this Halloween.

Bonus : How to Carve a Pumpkin Safely Step by Step

1) First, choose your pumpkin. Try to get a pumpkin medium size (at least 30cm high if you think putting a candle), with smooth skin and a good stem.

2) Using a pencil or washable marker, Mark the face you want to get - carved, threatening, angry, whatever you want!

3) Cover the area with a lot of work newsprint, and make sure that all participants wear an apron or old clothes.

4) For lid, draw a circle (or a pentagon or hexagon, harder to draw, but easier to cut) at least 25cm in diameter around the stem. (ADULTS ONLY!) With a sharp knife, cut at an angle (with the knife pointing toward the center of the pumpkin) then to prevent the lid from falling into pumpkin. TRICK: Do not bring a knife to the pumpkin until you have cut all the circle, so you avoid ragged edges.

5) Remove the lid , glued it and remove the seeds. TIP: If you want your house then smells of cinnamon, sprinkle some cinnamon over the meat of the cover before turning on the light inside the pumpkin.

6) This part usually like them young children: Using a large spoon, remove all the seeds from inside the pumpkin.

7) Now it's up to the stronger hands: when already removed all the "sticky" inside, you have to scrape the sides of the pumpkin from the inside, removing what you can of meat . You do not have to remove all the meat, just enough to let the thin walls (to make it easier to carve) but firm, about 3cm wide.

8) Dig a base in the "soil" Pumpkin to hold a candle , but beware, do not make it too thin so it does not rot.

9) Now the pumpkin is ready for carving . Beginning in the center of the design (not to press and carved areas), carefully cut shapes drawn. This requires great care, for safety and to avoid damage to the design. "Mark" sometimes each line with the knife before inserting it, and make several tiny cuts instead of one big one. When you have a cut piece, push it from the inside with a finger (this love toddlers!). You'll have to do some forms, such as smiles with teeth in several pieces. TIP: if by accident one short piece that is not part of the design, you can "sew" in place with toothpicks, or change the design to incorporate the accident - sometimes the best designs come from unexpected!

10) Now is the time to appreciate your artwork. Place a candle inside , turn, cover the pumpkin and turn off the lights. Shocking, no? TIP: If the candle does not stay on, you can be that is not getting enough air. Try expanding some of the holes, or cut a "v" at the top on the opposite side of the face to not display.

11) Place your jack-o-lantern in a place of honor! VERY IMPORTANT: Do not forget to blow out the candle before bed!

12) TIP: To extend the life of your jack-o-lantern, cover the cut surfaces (eyes, mouth, lid, inside the walls, etc.) with Vaseline. This prevents dehydration and rot. Also, do not let the sun. At night, when not scaring family or neighbors, refrigerate, if you have room! Otherwise, in a cool, dark place. If your pumpkin is dehydrated and wrinkled, you can revive the dipping it in a bucket of water.

Put the seeds (well washed) in a low oven for about an hour to get some delicious nuggets.

Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas and Designs

Although many of us are not directly related to the celebration of Halloween, still it is becoming more popular carving pumpkins in our countries , a practice that in my experience is very funny and actually, can serve excuse to spend some quality time with our loved ones . For this reason I started to look for different tutorials on decorating pumpkins, besides collecting various images that can serve as inspiration to encourage you to carve your own flashlight. But if you still have reservations about this celebration can be considered as an array of marketing, then the creations can serve to illustrate how art can make use of atypical materials and surfaces to exist . What does a carved pumpkin art? Well, look at the pictures and you will say.

1.Classic Day-Light Pumpkin Carving Designs

2. E.T Pumpkin Carving Design 

3. Mortal Kombat Dragon Pumpkin Design

4. Pacman Family Pumpkin Design and Ideas

5.Monster Pumpkin with a Tongue Out Carving

6. Ninja Turtle Kind of Pumpkin Design

7. Pumpkins with Teeth Carved Out

8. Saw Movie Pumpkin Night Glow Design

9. Scooby-Doo Candle Glow Pumpkin Carving

10. Sonic Pumpkin Carving Design Idea

At present the plant size is simply a folk practice merely serves to decorating homes . It has evolved incredibly, not only can appreciate the typical evil faces, but has served to project various images, some not even related to the celebration. The carving techniques have also been modified, using technologies such as lasers to achieve even more sophisticated finishes. A across the United States make contests to reward creativity on the pumpkins , the fruits most commonly used for lanterns and is equally popular make tutorials to explain how to achieve certain designs on these foods.