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want to Buy Batman Costumes Online for Kids? Batman is an amazing concept. Sure, his look has changed over the years, but his dark origins, gritty hometown and overall realness make him stand out among comic book heroes. He is, in every sense of the word, a legend.

Buy Batman Costumes Online for Kids

This week's episode of 5facts is all about the Dark Knight.

A huge thanks to the legendary Adam West (yes, that Adam West) for appearing on the show! The complete, classic Batman TV series is finally coming to DVD and Blu-ray on November 11. And if you're headed to New York Comic-Con, you can catch him there this weekend.

Another huge thanks to the amazing Bat Dad for calling into the show! If you're not following his suburban adventures on Vine and YouTube, you need to seriously re-think your life choices. Follow him there for more laughs!

10 Best Buy Batman Costumes Online for Kids

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1. Kane vs. Finger

Bob Kane is typically credited as being the sole creator of Batman, except all he did was sketch a blonde guy wearing a red suit with bat wings. Holy Giant Let Down, Batman.

Bill Finger, a fellow comic book artist, was actually the guy who created everything that makes Batman cool: The color scheme, the costume, the origin story, the fact that Batman doesn't have super powers, The Joker, Catwoman, the Batmobile and Gotham City.

Sadly, Finger never shared much of the glory (or money) attributed to Kane, though fans are slowly starting to recognize him.

2. Batman's Secret Kryptonite

In the comics world, Superman gives Batman a stash of kryptonite for the sole purpose of keeping Superman in check when he becomes a psychotic, raging lunatic — which tends to happen about every other week.

3. The Bat Dad

 thomas wayne

There's a version of Batman — called The Flashpoint Series — that takes place in an alternate universe. Here, Bruce Wayne dies as a child, his parents survive, his Dad becomes Batman and his Mom becomes the Joker.

Worst. Couple. Ever.

4. The Joker's Hidden 'Stache

Cesar Romero, who played the Joker in the classic 1960s TV series, refused to shave his mustache for the role. His white face makeup was applied right on top of his facial hair.

You can still see it in some of the close-up shots.

5. Cat Fancy

While filming 1992's Batman Returns, Michelle Pfeifer went through 60 catsuits at a cool cost of $1,000 each.

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whats teh requirements for the iconic suits of batman? i want to make that a goal so if someone could please let me know what they are i would be most greatful

The requirement to buy any iconic armor suit inclucing the batman suit which is bought from BATGIRL you need to ear Marks of Distinction. You get those Marks form doing raids or the T2 hard alerts which is the ras al ghul alert and the other. Also you can get mark of Dist. from doing the daily Duo and Hard alert which are the ones marked by a star next to them. The iconic batman suit thats purchased from Batgirl is used on in Player vs. Enviroment (PVE) which are regular missions, alerts or raids not good for fighting against other players. To the the iconica Robin Suit which is for PVP/ Player vs Player you need marks of victory which you can get from qing up for PVP

I am assuming since your asking how to get the iconic batman suit which is also knows as T2 armor you havent gotten the T1 armor which is purchased from STEEL for mark of triump. You get marks of triumphs form doing duos and Hard alerts and the daily missions and many other ways. its EZ getting the T1 armor from STEEL